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【 What is S League? ~Episode5 in Singapore~】

【 What is S League? ~Episode5 in Singapore~】 Today’s topic Hello,guys! Recently, My teammate called me D more than before since I have started writing my blog. For example, let me tell you a story. I always go home as soon as training finish. Because I want to take in nourishment immediately. One day, I tried to go home as soon as training finish as usual. And then, my teammate said. It may seem to make fun of me to you. But no problem for me. Because that makes the mood of team good. I’ll tell you beforehand that the mood of team is great from the first! Now, today’s topic is What is S League? I told you about “the history of S League” last time. I want to tell “details of S League” this time. Professional League without demotion!? First, the structure of S League. S League(Singapore Premier League) is professional league. S League is the highest class in Singapore. And then, there is Singapore National League below S League. Singapore National League is amateur league and two of class. There is promotion and demotion in Singapore National League. But there is no demotion in S League. To point is, There’s […]