Football story of D ~episode1 in Singapore~

Football story of D ~episode1 in Singapore~

About author of this blog

My name is

Daiki Asaoka.

Everyone calls me D.
So please call me D.
*The reason why I’m called D *is due to an animation named “one piece”
Do you know “one piece”?
That is popular in Japan.
The hero’s name of that animation is Monkey “D” Luffy.
So I’m called D from everyone.
*The origin of the name of this blog also comes from here.
I’m Japanese.
I’m 23 years old.
I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old.
My life *starts with football and ends with football.
My life *is all about football.
So I’m working as a professional football player in Albirex Niigata Singapore.

What is this blog?

What is this blog?
In a word,

Daiki Asaoka’s growth record

I want to write my life of growth record in the future.
*Why I thought of it that way is because…
I will write *the continuation of this sentence in the next chapter.

The purpose of writing this blog

The purpose of writing this blog is *as shown below.

  • I want to record my growth.
  • I want to *verbalize my thinking.
  • I want you to know my thinking and want to hear your opinions towards my thinking
  • I want to *revise my thinking based on your opinions.
  • I want to *offer useful information for you.

I’m thinking I want to spend all about football.
Because I want to learn a lot of things thorough football.
Football makes me grow.
Football is the best teacher for me!

To be continue
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今日の役立つ英語!(Today’s word)

The reason why S V=SがVする理由は
A is due to B =AはBのせい
The origin of the name=名前の由来
A starts with football and ends with B.=AはBで始まり、Bで終わる
A is all about B=AはBが全て
Why I thought of it that way=私がそのように考えた理由は
the continuation of this sentence=文の続き
as shown below=以下の通りです。
offer useful information=役立つ情報を発信する

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