【 What is S League? ~Episode5 in Singapore~】

【 What is S League? ~Episode5 in Singapore~】

Today’s topic

Recently, My teammate called me D more than before since I have started writing my blog.
For example, let me tell you a story.

I always go home as soon as training finish.
Because I want to take in nourishment immediately.
One day, I tried to go home as soon as training finish as usual.
And then, my teammate said.

Hey guys! The man writes “Football story of D” go home.

It may seem to make fun of me to you.
But no problem for me.
Because that makes the mood of team good.
I’ll tell you beforehand that the mood of team is great from the first!

Now, today’s topic is

What is S League?

I told you about “the history of S League” last time.
I want to tell “details of S League” this time.

Professional League without demotion!?

First, the structure of S League.
S League(Singapore Premier League) is professional league.

S League is the highest class in Singapore.
And then, there is Singapore National League below S League.
Singapore National League is amateur league and two of class.

There is promotion and demotion in Singapore National League.
But there is no demotion in S League.
To point is,

There’s no relegation battle in S League.


Professional League S League
without demotion
Amateur League Singapore National League Division 1
Amateur League Singapore National League Division 2

Foreign team and national team

There is 9 of the team in S League.
The foreign team is two out of nine.

Albirex Niigata Singapore (Japan)
DPMM FC (Negara Brunei Darussalam)

Before, the team of Korea and china, Africa, France etc. had participated in S League.
But They had left from S League because of financial difficulty.
And then,
U-23 Singapore national football team also has participated in S League.
The name of team is Young Lions.
This team is made from FAS(Football Association Singapore) with the aim of development of young player.

Three of Titles

There is three of titles in S League.

Singapore Premier League
Community Shield
Singapore Cup

Please note, League Cup until last year had gone in this year.

①Singapore Premier League(S League)
Each team fights three times with the same opponent.
8 team (except own team) × 3 match=total 24 match.
Therefore, We have 24 match through the season.
Albirex Niigata Singapore won third consecutive title.

②Community Shield
This title is competed by last year’s champion of S League and last year’s champion Singapore cup.
And it also serves as the first game of the S league.
Albirex Niigata Singapore won third consecutive title.

③Singapore Cup
This title is competed by 8 teams excluding Young lions.
Quarter final and Semi final is held home and away.
Final is held one shot game.
Albirex Niigata Singapore won third consecutive title.

The duration of S League

The duration of S League is from March to November.

First match Last match
2018 31th March 6th October
2017 26th February 25th November
2016 13th February 29th October
2015 2nd March 27th November


Could you understand details of S League?
S League has
No demotion,
Less number of titles,
Less number of teams,
Foreign team and National team.
This league would be said that a characteristic league.

Next episode, I will write about S League’s popularity ratings based on real experience.

To be continue
【S League’s popularity ratings ~Episode 6 in Singapore~】

Today’s word

 take in nourishment=栄養を摂取する
as soon as=~するとすぐに~する
I’ll tell you beforehand that=先に断っておくけど
from the first!=元から
Now, =さて
promotion and demotion=昇格と降格
To point is,=つまり
two out of nine=9つの内2つ
left from=撤退する
financial difficulty=経営難
with the aim of ~ =~を狙いとして
Please note,=但し、
third consecutive title=3連覇
serves as ~ =~を兼ねる
A excluding B =Bを除いたA
one shot game=一発勝負
The duration of ~=~の開催期間
popularity ratings=人気度